....Another Royal Wedding - Eugenie and Jack

So, it turns out, if you wait long enough - another Royal Wedding comes along. This time - Eugenie, daughter of Fergie and Prince Andrew, married Jack Brooksbank.

Eugenie and sister Beatrice have, in the past, been slated by the media for some supposedly questionable millinery choices. In particular the hats they wore to Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding in 2011. While I'm not going to say I particularly enjoyed their look, those were Philip Treacy hats and I very much doubt that Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell or Kate Middleton would have received quite so much criticism had they donned them instead. Regardless - Beatrice played a blinder in the end and auctioned the hat netting over £80,000 for charities UNICEF and Children in Crisis - fair play

Eugenie and Beatrice in “those” hats

Eugenie and Beatrice in “those” hats

So...the hats..this time around.

Cara Delevingne's alternative outfit, while not to everyone’s taste, certainly was striking. She stood out in a top hat by opinion splitting, LA based hatter Nick Fouquet paired with a tuxedo.


Fitted veils - everywhere - loved them. Kate Moss, Demi Moore and Ayda Field Williams all sported a similar shape from Philip Treacy. All were more than a nod to the style worn by Kitty Spencer to that "other" wedding earlier this year.


As above, Kate Middleton also wore a Philip Treacy hat - but with a less fitted veil. This time in fuschia to colour block with her fuschia Alexander McQueen dress.

Winner for me was definitely Ayda Field Williams - she totally pulled it off, just beautiful. I hear she got a bit of stick for wearing white to a wedding...well, it wasn't exactly white, and did anyone mistake her for the bride? No. Outdated rule in my opinion - just don't turn up in a wedding dress.